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Cast Stone


The Century Stone Solutions Team has found the most cost-effective application for the CSS Cast Stone is in our custom shower systems. Just like any standard four-piece stone shower system, CSSCS has a few game changing advantages.


First, there are no grout, caulk, silicone, or adhesive joints in the CSS shower system.  Century Stone Solutions uses the exact same material and formula to seal all joints/pieces of our shower system together as we do during production of the individual pieces. When the CSS shower system is installed it becomes a 1-piece shower system that is completely sealed. This produces a shower system that in not only antimicrobial but also fungistatic. This allows the end user years of minimal maintenance and maximum quality.


Second, we have the ability to give you custom drain locations (within 2” of any wall of shower base) for both commercial and residential projects thereby eliminating costly plumbing relocations or the need for slab reinforcement after drilling for new drain locations. This can be a huge cost saving for both new construction and rehabs.


Finally, Century Stone Solutions has become so efficient that we can now offer these systems at EXTREMLY competitive pricing on large and small projects. Reach out to one of the CSS team members to learn more about how Cast Stone can be a truly affordable luxury for any size project. With over 60 colors and patterns to choose from, we are sure to find something that fits your design and budget.

Century Stone Solutions is the expert in cast stone. Request an estimate now to learn more.